Professional Liability Insurance for Psychologists and
Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Program Highlights Include:

A choice between the traditional "Occurrence" policy or a "Claims Made" policy which offers a free “tail” upon retirement.

The ability to switch seamlessly from a competitor’s Occurrence or Claims Made policy to our program for significant premium savings each year.

$1 million per occurrence/$3 million annual aggregate policy limits with no deductibles.

Legal defense expenses in addition to the policy limits.

$5,000.00 Licensing Board Defense coverage included, optional higher limits avalible.

General liability trip and fall coverage included at no extra charge.

Premium discount for part time Psychologists who work for less than 20 hours, or less than 15 sessions per week.

Group coverage is also available.

Individual Psychologist Rates:

Occurrence policies:
Full time Psychologist: $775.00
Part time Psychologist: $550.00


Claims Made policies:
1st Year Claims Made: $450.00
2nd Year Claims Made: $465.00
3rd Year Claims Made: $659.00
Mature (4th year) Claims Made: $775.00

Licensed Occurrence Social Worker, Counselor: $275.00

Our goal is to carefully expand this unique program through controlled growth for selected psychologists and mental health Professionals. Members of our risk purchasing group, The Midfield Group Inc., enjoy the benefits and have legitimate choices between “occurrence” and “claims made” policies without hefty premium penalties. We also offer opportunities to expand your coverage on specific aspects of your policy. Our rates have been flat for many years and remain below the big national competitors.

We have specialized in malpractice insurance for over 25 years. Over a decade ago we initiated a unique malpractice program in 13 states for Psychologists that rewards them with lower premiums and better coverage due to the effects of positive patient rapport. Many years of malpractice claims experience demonstrates that certain mental health professionals have significantly lower claims experiences and activity. It may be an oversimplification, but quite often the reason most Psychologists do not get sued for any number of claims is largely because of the established positive patient rapport.

These professionals deserve broader coverage, an A+ rated insurance carrier, and lower premiums.

By selecting The Harjes Agency Inc. for your professional liability coverage you will deal directly with the professionals who underwrite the program, approve your application, and issue your policy. You do not have to join any professional association or group to obtain low cost coverage. We are committed to working with you to provide you with fast professional service.

Most doctors worry about their malpractice insurance… Our mental health professionals do not.

*Coverage cannot be bound, changed, or altered by electronic mail or voice mail*